10 Best WordPress Advertisement Management Plugins For 2020

9 September, 2020 Wordpress

A WordPress advertising plugin is a must-have if you want to host ads on your site. It does not just help you to pull ads from different networks and display them on your site but also lets you create banners on your own without any difficulty. But, which plugin to go for is a million-dollar question. The market is flooded with a countless number of WordPress ad management plugins. Often, you get confused. We have brought here a list of 10 most popular WordPress advertising plugins of the year to give you some relief. Go through the list, hope you will find at least one apt for your needs.       

Why use an ad management plugin in WordPress?

An advertisement is an easy option if you want to monetize your WordPress website. But unfortunately, WordPress does not come with any built-in mechanism to run or manage ads on your site. In such a situation, you are left with no other option than to depend on an external tool like a WordPress theme or a plugin. But the problem with the themes is most of the themes don’t have specific spots to display ads. This simply means you have to edit the theme files whenever you insert an ad code. A plugin lets you insert ads to your web pages with just a few clicks. Ad management becomes much easier with a WordPress advertising plugin.     

Top 10 Ad Management Plugins Of The Year 

  1. WP AdCenter Pro

WP AdCenter Pro is an all in one WordPress toolkit for advertising management. It helps you to create your own banner and gives you full control over the ads that are on display on your site. With this, you can also pull ads from various ad networks even without any coding knowledge. You can add as many ad zones as you want to your screen. There are features to control the ad rotation manually. The plugin is beginner-friendly and easy to use.   


  • Online advertiser signup 
  • Easy ad management 
  • Detailed statistics and report 
  • PayPal & Stripe Integration 
  • Geolocation targeting  

Price – $19

  1. AdSanity 

AdSanity is an advanced ad management plugin that allows you to display ads anywhere on your site using an inserter button or widgets. It helps you to host your own ads and enables you to get ads from networks like Google AdSense. There are tons of rich features like ad scheduling, ad monitoring, ad groups, and many more. The plugin lets you optimize your ad performance without making any change to your WordPress theme files. It is a developer-friendly plugin.      


  • Lightweight design 
  • Simple ad management 
  • HTML5 ready 
  • Graphical statistics 
  • Highly extendable  

Price – $49 

  1. Ad Rotate 

AdRotate is a simple and flexible ad management plugin for WordPress. It lets you create ads and then showcase them on your site easily with shortcodes. You may also insert the ads on your sidebars using widgets. There are features to set groups for ads in a grid column or row.  The plugin supports both hosted and network ads. It automatically deletes your ads after they expire. It is available in both free and premium versions.   


  • Supports any ad types 
  • Insert ads to your site via custom widgets 
  • Easy management of assets and media 
  • Portable and mobile ads 
  • Geolocation targeting 

Price – $39

  1. Insert Post Ads 

Insert Post Ads is a beginner-friendly WordPress plugin for ad injection. It allows you to create unlimited ads of any sizes. You can insert ads on your posts using third party codes or custom codes. There are features to select where exactly on your post or pages you want to display your ads. The plugin allows you to showcase multiple ads on the same article.  


  • Automatic google AdSense integration 
  • Custom HTML 
  • Supports third party ad code 
  • Geo location targeting 
  • Video intelligence  

Price –  It is a free plugin 

  1. Ad Inserter Pro 

Ad Inserter Pro is an advanced ad management plugin for WordPress. It supports many different kinds of ads like Google AdSense ads,  Amazon native ads, Media.net ads and many more. You can insert ads before or after your content and between the posts or on the blog pages. There are features for ad-blocking as well. The plugin is available in both free and pro versions.    


  • Google AdSense integration 
  • Syntax highlighting editor 
  • Timed rotation 
  • Sticky adpositions 
  • Sticky ad animation 

Price – $20

  1. Quick AdSense

Quick AdSense is a flexible WordPress plugin that allows you to insert ads anywhere on your blog posts. You can display ads even on your sidebar or any other ad ready area using the custom widgets. It supports both hosted and third-party ads. You can display 10 ads on a post at the max. The plugin is well documented.    


  • Easy to install 
  • Simple configuration 
  • Flexible ad placement 
  • Custom ad widgets 
  • Supports any ad code 

Price –  It is a free plugin 

  1. Ads Pro Plugin 

Ads Pro Plugin is a powerful WordPress plugin for ad management and affiliate marketing. It lets you create, edit, and manage ads without any difficulty. It offers you more than 20 ways to display your ads including sidebar, background, and floating ads. There are features to show or hide ads after a fixed time period. You may place ads before, after, or in the middle of the content.    


  • 25+ readymade ad template 
  • Manual ad scheduling 
  • Device-specific ad display 
  • Category and tag-based filter 
  • Background manager 

Price – $39 

  1. Anding  Advertising 

Anding is a modern WordPress ad plugin that lets you pull ads from any network or create and manage ads on your site easily. There are 18 predefined positions where you can display your ads. The geo-targeting option allows you to create personalised ads for every location. The plugin supports page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor or Visual Composer to create banners. It is a user-friendly plugin. 


  • Create unlimited ads 
  • Auto positioning 
  • Display filters 
  • Google AdSense support 
  • Google Analytics integration  

Price – $29 

  1. WP in Post Ads 

WP in Post Ads is a feature-rich ad management plugin for WordPress. It comes with lots of exclusive features like ad impression tracking, ad repositioning and multiple display options. You can show or hide after a specific period and customize or control each ad post individually. The plugin is well documented and supports all modern WordPress themes.    


  • Google Analytics integration 
  • Impression tracking 
  • Display ads randomly
  • Easy A/B testing  
  • 24/7 support 

Price – $29 

  1. WP Quads 

WP Quads is a popular and responsive quick AdSense plugin. You can create unlimited ads and display a maximum of 10 ads on a page. With this, you can create responsive ads for any screen size. The visibility conditioning allows you to select visibility on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The plugin supports all WordPress themes and any caching plugins.   


  • Responsive ads 
  • Caching power 
  • 4 layout options 
  • Adblocker detection
  • Google auto ads  

Price – $89


We have tried here to bring together a few handpicked user-friendly plugins. If you are planning to monetize your site by hosting ads, you can pick up any of them and move ahead. In no time you will be able to receive ads from an ad network and display them on your site without any difficulty. 

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